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ATL: EPIC Growth

By: Joe James

Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown skyline

The SEI Atlanta office has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. True to the SEI model, the growth has not been concentrated to a single area, but has been evenly distributed across the project engagement, recruiting, and collaborative aspects of our business. This expansion has brought with it a new challenge: maintaining the culture that was integral in achieving the aforementioned growth. In the face of substantial quarter over quarter growth, SEI-ATL has strived to stay true to the EPIC model in order to preserve its culture and high recruiting standards.


We are selective in who we hire. Why? The value of Excellence serves a dual purpose: it enables us to succeed in our project work and inspires those around us. If you work with excellence, then you strive to be excellent. During staff meetings, we discuss topics ranging from project status updates, growth opportunities, staffing, volunteering, or even team social outings. What quickly becomes apparent is how each consultant strives to deliver excellence in everything they do. I’m often thinking: “I want to be as thorough a project manager as they are”, or “I want to learn as much about BI architecture as that person”, or even “That’s an amazing approach to change management, I wonder if I can apply it to this situation…” The years of experience, variety of projects, and depth of knowledge is staggering, but dipping into that well of knowledge is never overwhelming. It’s awesome to realize that as I look around the room, I’m not the only one thinking this…


We are expected to participate and be engaged. Why? Excellence does not only apply to client work, it also applies to how consultants participate in growing the Atlanta office. You’ll often find consultants “plug-into” multiple initiatives teams that focus on improving our project engagement, recruiting practices, and volunteer opportunities. As we grow, it’s critical for both new and existing consultants to lend their expertise and effort to each of these areas. The wide variety of backgrounds and experiences within SEI-ATL afford unique insights and approaches to growing Business Development, Brand Awareness, and Recruiting. Each consultant is an owner and we take pride in what we are building.


We spend time to give back to the community. Why? We want to make the places we work, live, and play better. Our office has taken part in multiple events across different charities. Some of the most recent that come to mind are the multiple 5Ks and walks that raise awareness for several causes, volunteering to prepare a camp for disabled and disadvantaged youth, planting trees in downtown Atlanta, hosting silent auctions to raise money for children’s programs, and running toy drives…and the list keeps growing as each new consultant expands our impact and involvement in the Atlanta community. Giving back feels good, especially when you are surrounded by fellow SEI “family”.


At SEI-ATL, collaboration is key. Why? Collective Value. Imagine not being annoyed by a full inbox, but excited that each message from your colleagues is the opportunity to learn something new. That’s what it feels like to have a team of consultants, regardless of office location, ready to help you achieve success. This cross location collaboration is strengthened by each office’s uniqueness and enhanced by the relationships between each. SEI has often been referred as a “family” and aspects of family manifest in jovial sibling rivalries between Atlanta, Boston, and Cincinnati. Or in the “big brother/sister in the school yard” way the larger offices “look out for” and support the newer offices like New York and Chicago.

The EPIC model is effective because each consultant can lean on the capabilities and strengths of their fellow consultants. With consultants deployed to different clients and projects across Atlanta, it would be all too easy to lose touch with the culture. SEI Atlanta goes to great lengths to ensure that their consultants have multiple opportunities to interact with one another outside of a work setting. Whether it be at a breakfast with your advocate, group lunches with consultants at different clients, happy hours, bowling, or golf outings there are several opportunities to get to know more about each consultant’s work, family, and where their college football loyalties lie. These relationships are the glue that strengthens the EPIC model and ensures, that no matter how large or successful we become, we preserve the standards and culture that got us there.

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Joe James


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