Laying the Foundation for Respect

Apr 11, 2013   |   By Katie Tucker

We often refer to our interview process as “the gauntlet” because identifying and assessing candidates is something we take very seriously.  Candidates will interview with one SEI consultant after another.  Why so many interviews?   And why primarily with consultants?  Easy answer: RESPECT.  After being introduced to my first client, I realized that one of the intended results of the gauntlet is establishing confidence and mutual respect between a candidate and the interviewers…because that respect will carry over to the client.

The Gauntlet

Having recently gone through the gauntlet, it was obvious to me that the interviews were designed to provide a thorough cultural assessment of my fit with SEI.  However, they also served as the foundation of mutual respect among my colleagues at SEI . The reputation and level of respect for SEI consultants is recognizable beginning with the first client interaction. Clients have high expectations and respect for new consultants because of the groundwork paved by other SEI team members and our rigorous interview process. My opinion was valued on day one.

Client Engagement

I joined a small team of consultants on a project that started about two weeks prior. I was amazed at how accommodating my new colleagues were in:

  • helping me get up to speed on client processes
  • gaining access to the various client environments
  • offering guidance and tips on navigating the new client environment

We were able to immediately gel as a team in order to execute successfully for our client. It was clear to me that there was a high level of mutual respect for each and every SEI colleague and consultant. The gauntlet discussions were the beginning of the lifecycle of mutual respect from colleague to client.

Collective Value

The collaboration and team work that exists between new colleagues at SEI is also fostered by the respect earned during the interview process. A bond exists among SEI colleagues as we work together to make an impact and contribute to the success of company. Egos and personal successes are non-existent as there’s no “I” in the “team” of SEI.

Our EPIC model begins with the gauntlet process and extends through long term employee development. Each employee lives and exhibits excellence, integrity, participation and collaboration through not only client work but through involvement in the community and internal initiative teams.  The gauntlet process is more than an interviewing process but the beginning of a lifetime of relationships and a career with SEI.

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