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Mar 29, 2022   |   By Noelia Chafoya and Shaina Tuleja

This Women’s History Month, SEI would like to shine a light on the unique issues women face in healthcare — particularly women of color, whose health outcomes are disproportionately affected.

Data provides us with insights into the health outcomes of different minority groups. Research shows that Black women and American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) women are two to three times more likely than White women to die from pregnancy-related causes. One study, conducted in the United States between 2006 and 2015, showed that severe maternal morbidity (SMM; defined as a life-threatening event during pregnancy, delivery, or postpartum) was up to 115 percent higher for Black women compared to White women.

With the right approach to data & analytics, organizations can leverage their data and use these insights to optimize performance and transform operations.

How organizations can leverage data & analytics to transform operations

In over a decade, since the passing of The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, most providers have moved to storing information digitally. While digital record-keeping improves ease of access, it also raises important questions about patient privacy, data sharing, and overall information security.

With sophisticated data & analytics techniques, such as data mining and machine learning, healthcare organizations can rapidly and reliably collect data within their organization.

Effective data & analytics strategies account for cohesive, comprehensive data collection, analysis, and governance. This allows organizations to extract the right information without breaching compliance and ensures that they can draw accurate and actionable insights from the data collected.

Here are two ways SEI has partnered with healthcare organizations to leverage effective data & analytics strategies:

  • SEI led the design, build, and training for new financial reporting solutions for the largest hospital system in the southern U.S. Collaborating with stakeholders, IT architects, and system support leads, our consultants integrated data from more than 1,000 ongoing clinical trials and dramatically simplified data reporting.
  • A national leader in healthcare analytics wanted to ensure risk-free adoption of its new big data platform. SEI guided the organization’s selection of technologies for ensuring data security, data lineage, and data classification, and helped create a data governance council to support and drive adoption of the new data platform.

The SEI approach to data & analytics

SEI has first-hand experience in leveraging data & analytics to help companies review, reflect on, and repair critical business problems. Our goal is to support organizations in implementing data & analytics practices that allow for the strategic and consistent use of data. Healthcare organizations can use these practices to both highlight disparities impacting their patient population and develop interventions aimed at reducing them. Our powerful, precise, and people-oriented approach enables us to partner with organizations and create strategic and innovative solutions, so you can make the most of your data.

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