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COVID-19 Update: Our Commitment to You

By: Bill Gallagher


Amidst the uncertainty of a global pandemic and in light of recent economic developments, I want to personally assure you that SEI remains as committed as ever to serving each and every client with an eye towards consistency, commitment, and collaboration. To ensure that we fulfill this promise, we’ve taken a series of actions in an effort to combat COVID-19.

Our team has been consulting with legal experts to make sure we adhere to critical health and safety measures and take a preventative stance against the outbreak. As of Friday, March 13, we’ve closed all SEI offices and requested that employees work from home and cease all air travel until further notice, in accordance with guidelines and directives from federal and international public health authorities.

All SEI team members continue to work remotely and remain committed to serving our clients to the best of our abilities during this challenging time. We don’t anticipate any major disruptions in client service.

We understand that as the ongoing situation develops, circumstances are liable to change quickly. To ensure we remain proactive, we’re closely monitoring the situation and evaluating our response accordingly.

Moving forward, together

Putting our thorough readiness plan into play, we’re prepared to continue meeting the needs of every client. We’re leveraging our robust digital infrastructure to keep moving the needle on critical projects. Our digital capabilities guarantee that we can reach each client right where they are and continue to serve as trusted partners and advisors.

We’re developing new strategies to adapt to the unique business challenges posed by the pandemic, and we ask that you remain patient with us during this period of evolution.

Above all else, SEI was founded on a philosophy of “people first.” That means that regardless of the circumstances, we prioritize the safety, wellbeing, and success of all our clients and employees. SEI’s foremost goal is — and will always be — to work with a group of people we like, trust, and respect to produce a body of work that is meaningful and worthwhile. We all have each other’s backs, and we are truly privileged to never have to sacrifice our integrity to provide a good living for our families.

The global crisis we’re experiencing will undoubtedly test both our organization and our clients’ organizations. However, I’m confident that our collective resilience, adaptability, and commitment to one another will propel us toward a better future. We continue to believe that Collaboration Drives Excellence.

Bill Gallagher - CEO

Bill Gallagher

Chief Executive Officer

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