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2018 SEI Blog – Year in Review

By: Tracy Juran

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Happy New Year!! While we come to a close on another notable year, let’s look back at some of the highlights from our blog that made 2018 memorable.

Opening our newest SEI office in sunny Miami, Florida

  • MIAMI: SEI’s local model provides opportunities for seasoned consultants already in the Miami area or looking to relocate there. Hiring highly collaborative people locally helps create genuine relationships with clients. The ability to be onsite, living and contributing to the same community, and having a national network of more than 250 highly experienced consultants to collaborate with, is part of what differentiates SEI.

Supporting the local organizations that our consultants are passionate about

  • HACKING DATA TO SERVE A COMMUNITY: In this blog, Lauren McDonald explains how a group of SEI-Cincinnati consultants and the dedicated staff members of St. Aloysius partnered together to solve a problem during a “data-hack-a-thon.”
  • BRING YOUR PASSION TO THE WORKPLACE: Consultant Andrea Metz has been serving others through mission work in communities across the United States and internationally in Mexico, Africa, and along the Amazon River of Brazil. In this blog, Andrea discusses her passion for serving others and why that makes all the difference in her career at SEI.

Sharing our perspective on emerging trends, approaches, and common challenges

  • LEADERSHIP IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Consultant Pam Buitendorp discusses how the definition of leadership has evolved over time, the qualities leaders exhibit and how SEI is a home to 21st-century leaders.
  • HOW ARE YOU HANDLING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION?: Keeping up with the constantly evolving world of digital transformation is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and continue to be successful at delivering to the needs of their customers. In this week’s blog, consultant Bhavik Patel gives us some insight on how businesses can take a holistic approach to implement new technologies successfully.
  • THE CHALLENGE OF DATA ACCESSIBILITY: Today’s IT data investment dollars are often funneled into the creation of new advanced analytics capabilities: big data integration, machine learning, and data science solutions. In this blog, Stephen Galloway explains why these initiatives will fail unless the challenge of data accessibility is addressed alongside these complementary initiatives.
  • FINTECH 2.0 – THE FORCE AWAKENS FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: In this blog, consultant Jean-Marc Papin explores the digital revolution driven by innovations in financial technology and what must be considered in order for financial institutions to successfully adapt to new market trends.

Gathering with consultants from across our offices for once in a lifetime experiences

  • RAGNAR RELAY 2018: Last May, fourteen SEI’ers, brought the same grit and determination that makes them successful consultants, to run a relay race from south of Boston to Cape Cod. In this blog, consultant Kathy Wilder details the experience and how SEI’ers support each other in every endeavor.

Celebrating the culture and history that makes SEI and our consultants unique

  • FORGED BY THE SEA: SEI consultant and veteran, David Baugh, reflects on how the skills he developed in submarine service made him more prepared for a career in management consulting.
  • ANATOMY OF A PROBLEM SOLVER: Consultant Joe Combs breaks down the common components of problem solvers – the people who get things done that you’d gladly work with again.

From us and ours to you and yours, cheers to 2019!

Tracy Juran

Tracy Juran


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