Workday and Greenhouse Coming to SEI

Sep 22, 2022   |   By Patrick Donegan

SEI is thrilled to officially announce that we’ve signed with Workday and Greenhouse! This digital transformation is a significant milestone in SEI’s journey that has been months in the making. Throughout the vendor selection process, we were intentional about selecting a full-platform solution (HCM, Financials, Payroll, Time, and Project) and a best-of-breed ATS solution that would go beyond simply managing our corporate functions, and progress our internal processes by offering intelligent, scalable capabilities.

We’re confident these partnerships will help us not only continue to add value to our client relationships but enhance how we support our employees, their families, and the incredible insights they have to offer.

Nothing Is Consistent but Change

One of our greatest strengths, both as a firm and as individuals, is our openness to embrace — and even seek out — change. It’s a core reason why we’ve been a trusted name for 30 years and continue to grow to this day, even in a world that has proven to be anything but consistent.

So naturally, in our commitment to ensuring that our steady growth aligns with our values, tools, and, most importantly, our vision for the future, it was time to reevaluate the technologies we use. These are critical for driving both the day-to-day insights that we provide our employees and the services we need to provide as a firm with 500+ employees operating in 12 (for now!) US jurisdictions.

With the thoughtfulness and support of our Leadership Team across the country, our Shared Services Team, and HCM and Financials SMEs, we sought out intelligent tech solutions that met our strict criteria. Selecting just any vendor was not going to cut it.

When we help our clients undergo major digital transformations like this, we perform thorough research to find solutions that truly align with the organization’s needs — and it’s in this same way that we operate internally. When looking for software with extensive functionality, proven scalability, and developed by companies that hold themselves to similar standards that we value here at SEI, Workday and Greenhouse were the obvious standouts.

Our Next Steps

This new technology will be rolling out over the next few months and will replace a variety of platforms that SEI has outgrown. We thank those previous platforms for their ability and support, as they helped us reach this next stage in our company’s growth. Without them, we would not be where we are today.

Our goal for this transformation was to work with full-platform vendors where possible and, if not, identify the right solution with full integration capabilities. All vendors had to showcase that they are constantly reevaluating their own products so that the platforms we use today will scale with us as we continue to grow far into the future.

After careful evaluation, we determined that the recruiting solution offered by Workday would not be able to support the volume or complexity of our annual hiring plans, so we sought a more best-of-breed applicant tracking system (ATS). By choosing Greenhouse, we are choosing a partner that is a leader in the industry and will help us streamline, advance, and expand our recruiting efforts. 

Beginning in October 2022, SEI will go live with Greenhouse Recruiting, a pure ATS. It will be just one of approximately 20 integrations within Workday to maximize local consultant and management experience when interfacing with our enterprise applications.

Beginning January 2023, we’re going live with Workday HCM, Financials, Time, and Project. After an in-depth system implementation (SI) selection process, we’ve selected Mercer to act as our SI partner to facilitate the Workday go-live.

In addition to these core systems, we have selected a range of other technologies to support both our employee experience beacon, and the needs of our corporate functions. Some of them include Freshservice (ITSM), NinjaOne (RMM), PingIdentity (SSO & MFA), and Shift (Veteran-focused ATS).

What This Means for the Future of SEI

By being proactive about evolving our digital toolset and keeping our employees’ experience always top-of-mind, this transformation has a direct correlation to our vision statement:

At SEI, our vision is to uphold our culture and values while being the consulting firm of choice for clients and talent in top USA markets.

As a company always looking toward the horizon, the investments SEI is making in our digital transformation today will set the course for our growth into the foreseeable future. These new tools show us not only what is possible for our clients, but for the success of our teams, our employees’ well-being, and the industry as a whole. And don’t think we’re just stopping here. There’s a lot more in store regarding the possibilities these technologies (and more incoming) have to offer — and you can bet we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

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