Consultant Skills: Recruiting Talent at SEI

Jan 29, 2015   |   By SEI Team

At SEI we actively embrace our core values and are always open to sharing how we live these values. In one of our more popular blog posts, we talked about Consultant Engagement and how our EPIC model ensures that every SEI consultant is able to provide significant value to any client they engage with. Recruiting the right talent into SEI is vital to ensure our success. So, what do we look for during the interview process? Let’s highlight a few of the things we believe not only make for terrific consultants, but also rockstar SEI team members.


Collaboration is a core value that is woven through SEI consultants. Consultants are challenged to find creative ways to collaborate across clients. The teamwork mentality is on display through client engagements when SEI Collective Value is utilized. Through SEI’s ability to share knowledge and experience from any consultant to any client, we succeed together, as a company built on a collaborative framework. Collective value is the result of SEI consultants striving to share information and best practices when the client needs are understood.
When clients experience the level of collaboration that occurs at SEI, they start to understand the vast resources they have access to, and continue to put their faith in SEI to meet their needs.


Life is about more than just going to work and collecting a paycheck. It is important to have work/life balance and our consultants embrace this. We think of SEI as family. Events such as community outreach, social gatherings, and staff meetings are seen as opportunities to spend time with family. It’s common to hear an SEI consultant looking forward to the next staff meeting, next social outing or the next time families will get together.
At SEI we enjoy what we do by embracing our core values, building relationships, and empowering our consultants to grow their careers with the company. SEI is an employee owned company and employees are encouraged to participate in growing the business.

Business Acumen

A successful consultant displays business knowledge and demonstrates their experience through delivery of practical solutions. Accordingly, SEI consultants are intellectual, analytical, creative, and possess the ability to deliver a consistent client experience.
As consultants, we strive to understand the challenges faced by our clients, understand the various stakeholder perspectives to facilitate creative thoughts, and collaborate on an appropriate solution – and do so with strong commitment and passion to deliver a valuable product. We look for consultants who are able to put a narrative around a business challenge and deliver pragmatic solutions to our clients.

Collaboration, Culture and Acumen are some of the building blocks at SEI and something we assess in every candidate we speak with. We believe we’re building something special, come build it with us!

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