Enterprise Architecture

Implementing CRM

By | Consultancy, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Architecture, Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a seemingly straight forward concept around taking care of your customer . Given the evolution of service management best practices and big data , today’s CRM systems are anything but simple, providing a vast range of services, platforms and techniques.  Adding to the complexity are newer technologies to consider that are continually being added such as Big Data with Social Media Integration and Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning.

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Demystifying Cybersecurity

By | Business Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, Information Security, IT Implementation

News of brazen hacking attacks have become commonplace in today’s business environment.  As business leaders, how can we understand the cause of these attacks, and how can we protect our company’s most valuable assets?  This blog post breaks down the concept of Cybersecurity (also referred to as Information Security) as an introduction for professionals new to this discipline.

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Is Your Enterprise Architected to Succeed?

By | Enterprise Architecture, Technical

For any company of sufficient size and complexity, managing changes to both systems and processes requires a tentacle understanding of the interrelated components and partners involved. Many leaders default to the assumption that major business disruptions or innovations require an army of experts to map and plan for the change, a task frequently handed over to large teams from outside consulting firms. Is this really necessary?

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