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Business Resiliency

Preparedness fortifies business continuity and improves adaptability.


What We Face

The Challenge

Expecting the unexpected can be a daunting task.

More than ever, businesses must be prepared for unknown threats and disruptions. These events range from natural disasters and public health crises to cyberattacks and even chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) events. It’s no longer an option to discount the likelihood of such possibilities. Organizations must ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees, the security of their data, and the continuity of key business operations.

Disruptions may cause a variety of issues including interruptions to core services, payment processing, digital operations, call center operations, manufacturing, supply chains, and more. They may even destabilize workforces and precipitate shifts to new paradigms of work, as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated.

It is essential to plan for such disruptions, but doing so while focusing on daily operations can strain limited resources, which may stall preparedness planning until it’s too late. Organizations should define a Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy as a part of their standard business infrastructure. This includes routinely updating processes, runbooks, system configurations, and resource responsibilities for the prevention, sustainment, and recovery of operations in the event of a crisis.



Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

SEI developed a business continuity and workforce re-entry strategy in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Our strategy aligned with the company’s risk management and other divisions, ensuring organization-wide consistency and transparency. We provided project management and safely and efficiently executed the re-entry efforts for office- and field-based personnel.

How We Work

Our Approach

Mitigate risk early to safeguard the future of your organization.

SEI’s approach involves four key stages: crisis recognition, organizational alignment, initial triage, and proactive risk management. This framework enables organizations to recognize crises early, establish the infrastructure to respond, solve pop-up risks quickly, and deploy predictive analytical processes that help them get ahead of future risks.

Collaborating with stakeholders, SEI defines the crisis, which often involves assessing circumstances with key severity metrics tied to business success. We analyze current state BCM/DR preparedness — evaluating salient operational, technical, and financial factors — and leverage these insights to develop a robust organizational BCM/DR strategy.

SEI consultants generate organizational alignment and establish a cross-functional task force that fortifies communication channels and fast-tracks critical approval processes. Leveraging proven agile methodologies, we help clients address day-one issues including staffing, execution processes, and future growth. To protect the organization against future threats, we define indicators and warnings that can notify teams if/when the probabilities of high business-impact events increase or decrease. We engage in robust business continuity planning and vulnerability management, and we develop recovery playbooks, conduct incident recovery testing, training, and more.



Large Environmental Services Provider

SEI assessed the DR capabilities for over 300 applications and associated infrastructure for a Fortune 300 environmental services provider. Post-assessment, we established DR runbooks and conducted training and testing on recovery processes. We supported the integration of DR into the company’s change management processes, ensuring new processes remained relevant and up-to-date.

How clients Win

The Results

Disaster-proofing is future-proofing.

SEI’s leadership enables organizations of all shapes and sizes to increase their odds of achieving outcomes that embody excellence — they find they are able to unite and mobilize a team of motivated people from across an organization to accomplish what would typically take a year in mere months.

With the guidance of our consultants — who typically come to the table with years of experience in addition to both functional and domain-specific expertise — organizations are able to rapidly deploy solutions that strengthen their operational flexibility, improve their communications, protect against costly workforce changes, protect their bottom line, and provide them with new tools to preempt future risk and guarantee their ongoing success.



Global Electronics Manufacturer

An electronics manufacturer suffered a highly disruptive cyberattack. SEI evaluated its technical applications and infrastructure for potential improvements to DR and incident response. We then completed a cost-benefit analysis that identified solutions in Good-Better-Best recommendations. We then led an RFP for a systems integrator to complete the installations and training.