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Stephanie Freihofer

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“We have rallied to support each other in times of tragedy, great need, and often to celebrate one another’s accomplishments. And we will continue to do so – that’s what keeps me here and keeps us who we are.” This week’s blog by Stephanie Freihofer shares the story of how compassion from her colleagues made a significant impact on her and her family.

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Emotional IQ? Yes, It’s a ‘Thing’ and Can Help Your Projects Thrive

By | Communication, Leadership, Project Management

Some weeks ago I was checking out the SEI collaboration portal and a link to an article about ‘Emotional Intelligence’ caught my eye. This term struck me as somewhat of an oxymoron because when I think of intelligence, I think IQ. As a person who is naturally curious about other people and what makes them tick, I was eager to read more.

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Maintaining Energy and Motivation in Your PMO

By | Consultancy, Leadership, Project Management

No matter the size or complexity of your organization, keeping energy and motivation high among your teams is crucial to the success of your projects.  Let’s face it, this important task can seem downright daunting.  Many times our clients have taken note of the leadership we provide to their projects, and utilized some of the methods we employ to tackle this problem. So, we thought we’d share some of our own ‘motivational practices’ to assist you with your efforts.

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Leadership Threads Woven through the Fabric of SEI

By | Collaboration, Company News, Culture, Leadership

Stoic Greek philosopher Epictetus is quoted as saying ‘We were born with two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we talk.’ Or, was it Mark Twain centuries later? It doesn’t really matter who said it; what I tend to notice more are the people who actually put it into practice. A relative SEI-newbie, I noticed active listening and open communication consistently practiced by our leadership. Intrigued by this, I started wondering what other key leadership dogma helps keep our unique, employee-owned consulting company thriving in good times and bad. I began digging into the SEI newsletter archives to see what other leadership themes I could glean – and I found three that were woven throughout our ‘Boss Talks/Listens’ columns:

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