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Case Study: Bringing Change Management to Higher Education

By | Business Process Optimization, Change Management, IT Implementation

We recently partnered with one of the world’s oldest education institutions to lead them through a technology and process change that affected every corner of the school, from a student’s desk to the ice rink’s Zamboni. At SEI, we believe that every client situation requires a unique approach, and this project was no different. In this case, it was critical to help the client understand what is being accomplished today and how the proposed changes would not only positively affect their day-to-day activities but also their long-term financial objectives.  We were brought in to assist with the implementation of an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) to track and depreciate equipment and fixed assets throughout the disparate areas and schools of the institution. 

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Data is a Beautiful Thing

By | Business Intelligence, Communication, Data

Each morning when we wake, we open our eyes.  At first blurred, everything may appear a little fuzzy, but quickly our eyes begin to orient us to our surroundings. Shapes and colors begin to come into focus and, while we still may not see the entire picture, our brain begins to fill in the missing pieces – creating shapes and jogging memories that help piece together that entire picture.

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Employee Ownership – The Motivations For Being Truly “Bought In”

By | Collaboration, Culture, Ownership

One of the key components of the SEI business model is the culture of employee ownership. As consultants become employee owners, it creates accountability and commitment to the business as well as motivates each and every one of us to dedicate efforts toward our local offices with a focus on delivering high quality results and maintaining sustainable growth – after all we collectively own it.

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