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What’s your Approach?

By | Business Intelligence, Culture, Strategy

Next summer, myself and a group of  SEI colleagues from various offices will embark on a journey across Grand Canyon National Park.  For many of us, this trip checks off a bucket list item of hiking from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other in a single day, then turning around and doing it again the next day.  For those that are familiar with this hike, it is commonly known as R2R2R (or Rim to Rim to Rim).  With a distance of 23.5 miles and a change in elevation of 10,141 feet total, a trip like this requires significant planning and a lot of training. 

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All Models Are Not the Same

By | Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Communication

Our team recently completed a solution assessment document to get project sign-off for a local client.  In an effort to consolidate and document our recommendations, we pulled together a group of resources with a variety of business and technical backgrounds.  Our primary output was a traditional text document, but we quickly realized we could more effectively communicate our findings with a supporting illustration or model.

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