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Michael Shugarman

Question Everything

By | Leadership, Project Management

“Question everything,” in some form or another is a quote attributed to many different people throughout history. From Euripides to Einstein to countless philosophers, poets, and teachers, we’re always taught that sometimes the questions are more important than the answers themselves. How does this fit in the world of providing business and technology solutions?

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Big Firm or Boutique?

By | Collaboration, Consultancy, Culture, Leadership, Ownership

An explosion in the “Boutique” consulting industry, being defined by either the size of the organization or by a specialization in verticals, technologies, or processes, started in the early 2000’s and then accelerated even more during the recession of 2008.  Demand for specialized service offerings, regulatory & market pressures, and changing client expectations are just some of the drivers that resulted in many new professional services accepting that label.

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Interviewing Around the Edges

By | Culture, Interview Process

Making a hiring decision is one of the riskiest propositions in the consulting business. A bad hire can end up threatening a valued client relationship your company has worked so hard to build, so saying “yes” to a candidate carries a high amount of risk. Saying “no” also carries the lost opportunity risk if you’re too restrictive on your hiring decision. The goal of a strong interview process is to minimize that risk for both the company and the candidate by focusing on three primary areas; skill set capabilities, cultural fit, and motivation.

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