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Monica Fisher

Helping Clients Become Learning Organizations

By | Collaboration, Leadership, Ownership

As consultants, we often find ourselves moving across industries, navigating diverse organizations, and engaging in a wide range of project initiatives. Each client is unique with its own challenges, operational processes, and cultural environments. Our work is dynamic and constantly changing. For most of us, this is one of the main reasons why we chose this career path; we have a growth mindset where we are drawn to learning new things and seek new challenges and opportunities. Additionally, one of the reasons many of us chose SEI specifically is our focus on the collective value model, where constantly sharing successes and failures internally to benefit our clients is intrinsic to what we do.

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At SEI, Family Matters

By | Culture

Work/Life balance.  Described more descriptively – an appreciation for employee’s family and ensuring family is truly valued and that it isn’t just part of a fancy marketing campaign to attract top talent.  As companies compete in the ‘war for talent’, it’s a big differentiator between a good job to have and a great company to work for.  As women we are conditioned to believe that once we become mothers our career options are more limited and narrow.  I have always found this ironic, as the skills I’ve used to be a mom have made me a far better project manager than I would have been otherwise.  My acumen around time management, organization, influencing difficult stakeholders, and being efficient was improved exponentially by taking on the very role that made me feel somehow less employable.

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