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Christy Overall

EPIC Outreach

By | Community, Culture

At SEI, excellence in service applies as much to our local communities as our clients. In this blog, Christy Overall shares her passion for the Atlanta Mission, an organization with the goal of ending homelessness and why her colleague’s support makes all the difference.

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Managing Morale Through an Agile Transformation – Part 2: Keeping the Giant Happy

By | Agile, Change Management, Project Management

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the importance of positive morale throughout an Agile transformation, comparing it to a “Sleeping Giant” that can make or break the success of that transition. But how, exactly, are attitudes improved (or, better yet, positive from the start)? Communicating wins early and often is a big part of a successful Agile transformation including both wins in code delivery and wins in attitudes. What are some possible reasons for increased morale throughout a move to Agile?

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Managing Morale Through an Agile Transformation – Part 1: The Sleeping Giant

By | Agile, Change Management, Project Management

There is no shortage of Agile transformation efforts across many industries in 2017. There is also no shortage of artifacts to monitor Agile Readiness and Evolution throughout each stage of the process. But some of the most important elements of a transformation are also the most difficult to monitor: those concerning the state of team morale.

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Domestic Agility

By | Agile, Collaboration, Project Management

Agile methodologies, and specifically Scrum, is rapidly increasing in popularity and most teams can benefit from the increased collaboration, communication and transparency that it brings. Is it possible to benefit from the increased collaboration, communication, and transparency Agile brings at home?

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Incognito Change Management

By | Change Management, Project Management, Strategy

Change is hard. Enacting successful change within an organization requires constant focus on communication, stakeholder engagement, training and organizational readiness. When you dive into each area of focus, it becomes easy to see why many organizations dedicate full-time resources to focus on managing change across the organization. However, the reality is that a lot of companies simply don’t have the resources to dedicate to this kind of focused change management. So what’s a project manager or team member to do? The answer is simple; engage in incognito change management.

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There Are No Small Tasks (The Benefits of Tactical Work)

By | Consultancy, Strategy

What is consulting work? What does it look like specifically? There are a lot of variables dictating the answer, but across the board it involves problem-solving and quickly building relationships that will help the consultant solve those problems, both internally and with their client.

However, it’s often what those “problems” look like that determines the specifics of what consulting work looks like.  Seasoned consultants know that this work doesn’t always involve C-level interaction, cutting edge technologies, or “strategic” projects.

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Collaboration in Action

By | Collaboration, Culture

At SEI, collaboration is part of our cultural identity and an essential value we bring to our clients. We talk about this a lot in our interviews, blogs, and our hallway conversations; however, its true impact is felt when we come together to help our clients succeed.

As consultants, we are constantly applying our experience and transferable skills across new industries.  When we engage with new clients, we often start with a single role and are expected to add value right away.

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Working Solo, Not Alone

By | Collaboration, Community, Culture

We are often asked in interviews how big our project teams are and the truth is, they come in all sizes. I spent the first two years with SEI-Atlanta working on a project with at least two other consultants.  I loved seeing my co-workers every day and leveraging their experience and talents to broaden my own skillset as well as to take advantage of every opportunity to do the same for them.

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