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January 2018

The Norms that Set Us Apart

By | Community, Culture

Every group has certain norms and behaviors that guide its actions and help define that group. For many organizations, norms are developed over time and are largely unspoken. There is, however, real value in putting forth a concerted effort to identify, validate, and celebrate the norms of a successful organization. In this week’s blog, Jane DiMartino and Karen Mancini share the norms that inspire SEI and contribute to our success.

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An Introduction to Machine Learning

By | Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence

The intersection of technical innovation with an ever-increasing competitive business environment are driving organizations to explore new approaches to analytics. Business leaders are now pushed to demand data value chains to acquire raw data, integrate, provide context, and produce predictions and recommendations at the speed of business. To facilitate this effort, computers must not only deliver what is explicitly instructed, but must also leverage innovative techniques and algorithms to perform autonomously. In this blog, Matt Donaghey answers the question, “What is Machine Learning?” in the first of a series on this subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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