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June 2017

Who’s your “who”?

By | Collaboration, Culture

Recently, my wife and I discussed a question her manager had posed to all his direct reports: “Who’s your ‘who’?” In other words, “Who’s that person or people that comes to mind when you ask yourself ‘Why do I do this?'” In our conversation, both mine and my wife’s answer were simultaneous, unanimous, and I imagine common for many individuals: it was each other and our children.

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Collaboration in Action: An SEI Standard

By | Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Success Stories

Problem-solving through collaboration is powerful and works especially well when you have the right tools and channels to make it happen. I was recently reminded of just how powerful collaboration at SEI can be when our team was confronted with a complicated problem. A few months ago, an SEI client in Boston approached one of my colleagues to help overhaul a struggling Business Intelligence (BI) program in order to more effectively manage their data. This is not uncommon, as data volume, variety and variability can make data management seem truly daunting.

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