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March 2017

IoT in Healthcare – Connections Big and Small

By | Healthcare IT, Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a mainstream term, thanks to the popularity of smartphones, connected home appliances, and wearable trackers like those sold by Fitbit and Jawbone. This post explores the opportunities and watch-outs for IoT adoption in healthcare, specifically for improving patient care and engagement, as well as what can be done to set up an organization for success when formulating an IoT strategy.

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Sweet Home SEI

By | Community, Culture, Ownership

Home. To many people, home is a place where you feel accepted, comfortable, and safe. This may be the house you grew up in as a child, and where your parents still live filled with familiar sights and scents. Or the dream house you and your spouse have painstakingly saved for over the years and were finally able to build or buy. And yet to others, home is simply anywhere your family and friends are. Home can mean many things to different people, but everyone shares the desire to find a home, be at home, or come home.

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Telehealth – Transforming Healthcare as we Know it

By | Healthcare IT, IT Implementation, Strategy

What is Telehealth? It is one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare industry, yet it remains elusive and widely misunderstood. Much of the confusion lies in the fact that the technology involved is moving faster than the legislation supporting it, leaving the country with a patchwork set of guidelines and regulations that vary from state to state in regards to how telehealth technology can be used and reimbursed.

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