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November 2016

5 Tips for Building a Sustainable Culture Change

By | Change Management, Communication, Culture

One of the most daunting, complex, and beneficial changes an organization goes through is culture transformation.  In many engagements at SEI, we help our clients work through some level of change which can vary based on client need.  For example, incremental product releases may only need efficient online training modules to satisfy knowledge requirements, whereas large-scale implementations of brand new technology may necessitate more rigorous change management using a defined methodology. 

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Kicking in the Agile Afterburner

By | Agile, IT Implementation

A while back I was chatting with a friend in the aviation industry and he offered an interesting explanation of how a jet engine works. In any combustion engine there are four distinct steps (strokes if you’re a gearhead):

Intake: Air is pulled into the intake feeding the compressor
Compression: The turbine compresses the air mixture to the optimum pressure for combustion
Combustion: Fuel is added and ignited. The rapid expansion of this controlled explosion pushes the air to the exhaust.
Exhaust: The exhaust gases produced by combustion propel the engine while fresh air is pulled into the intake continuing the rapid, highly efficient cycle.

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