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June 2016

Leading Communications

By | Collaboration, Communication, Leadership

Effective communication among  team members and stakeholders is a critical component of any project.  Without strong communication among project participants, project success is unlikely.  The root cause of failed projects is often found in lack of alignment on goals, incomplete understandings of project roles and responsibilities, misunderstanding of the project status, and lack of recognition of risks and dependencies; each of these failures has its roots in flawed communication.  Miscommunication is project approach-agnostic, and poor communication will equally sabotage Agile, Waterfall and Lean projects.

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There Are No Small Tasks (The Benefits of Tactical Work)

By | Consultancy, Strategy

What is consulting work? What does it look like specifically? There are a lot of variables dictating the answer, but across the board it involves problem-solving and quickly building relationships that will help the consultant solve those problems, both internally and with their client.

However, it’s often what those “problems” look like that determines the specifics of what consulting work looks like.  Seasoned consultants know that this work doesn’t always involve C-level interaction, cutting edge technologies, or “strategic” projects.

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