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May 2016

University Recruiting – We’re Looking For More Than Our Next Great Hire

By | Community, Culture

“We’re not looking for employees”. That’s what our university marketing materials say. A statement designed to make people ask, “What is SEI looking for?” The SEI-Atlanta branch has been recruiting at local MBA programs for several years, but why are we spending our time talking to students, administrators and alumni if we aren’t looking for employees?

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Are You Just “Holding On”?

By | Consultancy, Culture

This August, I will reach my 11-year anniversary with SEI. Eleven years. That’s a long time for most consultants to stay with one company. Well before most consultants get close to the 10-year mark with one firm, they’ve typically considered a move to a new employer. However, as I think back over my last decade with SEI, I can’t remember a time when I even considered moving on.  What made SEI so different that I don’t feel like I’m just “holding on”?

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All Models Are Not the Same

By | Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Communication

Our team recently completed a solution assessment document to get project sign-off for a local client.  In an effort to consolidate and document our recommendations, we pulled together a group of resources with a variety of business and technical backgrounds.  Our primary output was a traditional text document, but we quickly realized we could more effectively communicate our findings with a supporting illustration or model.

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