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March 2016

Emotional IQ? Yes, It’s a ‘Thing’ and Can Help Your Projects Thrive

By | Communication, Leadership, Project Management

Some weeks ago I was checking out the SEI collaboration portal and a link to an article about ‘Emotional Intelligence’ caught my eye. This term struck me as somewhat of an oxymoron because when I think of intelligence, I think IQ. As a person who is naturally curious about other people and what makes them tick, I was eager to read more.

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My First 6 Months at SEI

By | Community, Culture

Throughout my career, I’ve pursued opportunities that provide an environment of learning, a place to leverage my individual strengths, and the ability to contribute to something greater than I can create on my own. I’ve always looked for organizations that intentionally define and carry out their specific core values with employees who respect and foster them.

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Making Culture Strategy an Operational Reality

By | Culture, Leadership

Corporate culture has become an increased focus for companies looking to differentiate themselves in competition for both customers and talent. Companies that historically lack a focus on culture are now faced with the challenge of transforming the organizational mindset. Transformation efforts of any kind are difficult to manage, but culture is especially challenging. It’s impossible to fully anticipate how experiences will alter employee perceptions and ripple through the organization, but it is possible to create a solid foundation for success.

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