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February 2016

Collaboration in Action

By | Collaboration, Culture

At SEI, collaboration is part of our cultural identity and an essential value we bring to our clients. We talk about this a lot in our interviews, blogs, and our hallway conversations; however, its true impact is felt when we come together to help our clients succeed.

As consultants, we are constantly applying our experience and transferable skills across new industries.  When we engage with new clients, we often start with a single role and are expected to add value right away.

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What the 1988 Bengals Taught Me About Being Agile

By | Agile, Leadership

The two minute drill has been a staple of football since players were strapping on leather helmets. While it has produced many dramatic finishes to football games over the years, the two minute drill is equally likely to end in disappointment. In the 1980’s the Cincinnati Bengals took this concept and turned it on its head by asking “what if we applied the underlying concepts of the two minute drill to the preceding 58 minutes of the game?” The result was an offensive juggernaut that by 1988 would land them in the Super Bowl. Although I didn’t realize it at the time as I watched the Bengals season unfold week by week, I was learning lessons that would ring as true in my work as an SEI consultant as they do on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV.

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