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December 2015

PHX: Valley of the Sun’s Best Kept Secret

By | Community, Culture

A few years back, I put away the road warrior suitcase to give local consulting a try before ultimately finding (and eventually becoming an owner) of SEI-Phoenix.  I was searching for a company where the experience was more than just a job and a paycheck, and I soon realized I had found a firm that was one of the best kept secrets in the Valley of the Sun.  Our team is focused on building a community and giving back to the one we live in – both inside and outside the office.

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Saving CRM: Change Management for Re-implementations

By | Change Management, Customer Relationship Management

A new client recently asked us to help them address a major pain point – a struggling CRM implementation.  In the previous year, they had invested heavily in a new tool to drive sales efficiencies.  A few months following the launch, adoption numbers were nowhere near the predictions and in turn ROI wasn’t realized.  Their story isn’t unique – between 60-70% of all CRM launches fail.  Leading a re-implementation may seem daunting, but second passes can provide a great opportunity to be successful.  You can leverage lessons learned to create a user-centric experience that will turn a detractor into a champion and get buy-in from executives on the necessity of visible engagement.

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