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October 2015

Thriving in an Agile World

By | Agile, Collaboration, Project Management

Agile methods show great promise, delivering business value in environments where traditional (waterfall) models struggle.  Despite a growing number of success stories, many projects can still be classified as failing or, at the very least, challenged.  Over the years I’ve observed many teams with varying degrees of success.  Of those most successful, I found a few common traits stemming from a fresh mindset both organizationally and individually.

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Culture of Collaboration

By | Collaboration, Culture, Customer Relationship Management

Collaboration is becoming increasingly important in the business environment driven by the rapid flow of information, need for quicker business decisions, increasing pace of innovation, and competitive pressure. Yet, it’s been difficult to get a consensus on the precise definition of collaboration. However, some key characteristics common to meaningful collaboration are:

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