Servant Leadership is Our Responsibility

By September 29, 2015Consultancy, Culture, Leadership

I recently finished reading The Heart And The Fist by Rhodes Scholar and decorated U.S. Navy SEAL, Eric Greitens.  Mr. Greitens is an amazingly accomplished, yet very humble man.  He worked with nuns in Mother Teresa’s homes in India as well as aid workers and volunteers in Rwanda, Bolivia and Bosnia.  He fought beside marines and fellow Navy SEALS in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Throughout his journeys he discovered this world requires both compassion and strength; it requires service and leadership. The paradox here is that we need both.  Mr. Greitens’ message, and his life, spent as a true servant-leader, deeply resonated with me and reinforced why I love working for SEI.

At SEI, we greatly value the servant leader.  We believe that being a servant leader starts with an innate desire to serve others along with a conscious choice to lead.  The benefit that occurs when putting the needs of other people first, helping them develop and grow, is that they in turn are given the opportunity to perform at a higher level.

There are many ways in which SEI consultants serve others.  First and foremost, we How May I Serve Youserve our clients.  We aim to serve our clients by consistently adding value and delivering results, while often exceeding client expectations.  Our end goal is not only to exceed client expectations, but to ensure their self-sufficiency well after our engagement comes to a close.  Our business has been built by successfully serving our clients.

In addition to serving our clients, we also serve each other through collaboration. While collaboration is a very popular buzzword in organizations today, at SEI, we are actually incentivized to work together as a team.  What’s better than having a first-rate consultant on the ground at a client?   Having an entire organization of outstanding and exceptional consultants incentivized to ensure their success.  Teamwork and serving our fellow consultants is an important part of who we are.

Finally, at SEI, we strive to serve our community.  We do this in a myriad of ways.  Our consultants often take time out of our busy schedules to support events such as a build at Habitat for Humanity, collecting toys during the holidays for Toys for Tots, or donating time to the local children’s hospital in our community.  These are only a few examples of many, many community service activities led or supported by our staff and consultants.   With our matching gift program, you can support a charity that is near and dear to your heart and know that SEI will stand behind you with an equal donation.  At SEI, we believe that serving others is a privilege and every person can make a difference.

Our approach of servitude provides direction, but it’s our leadership that affords the ability to serve consistently at a high level.  At SEI, leadership is more than just guiding a group.  We seek out those with expertise in program leadership, project leadership, client leadership and thought leadership.  We place thought leaders, who are the go-to, innovative, reliable people in their field of expertise, on the ground for daily interaction with our clients.  We require leaders who can inspire and motivate, someone who can spearhead an initiative from the front lines and roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty when called upon.  We see a leader as someone with the integrity to always do what is right and the commitment to see a rough project through to the finish line.  It’s not always easy to keep a positive attitude when a project has been derailed due to unforeseen circumstances, but an SEI leader is charged with doing just that.  Complement those traits with strong communication skills and you can understand how an SEI leader is able to quickly restore order to a chaotic situation.

As with Mr. Greitens’ message, at SEI, we truly value the servant leader.  We pursue and employ those with the attitude to serve others and the ability to lead in that direction.  It is our desire to positively impact our clients, each other, and our community.  It is our responsibility to lead with a purpose of service.


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