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September 2015

Servant Leadership is Our Responsibility

By | Consultancy, Culture, Leadership

I recently finished reading The Heart And The Fist by Rhodes Scholar and decorated U.S. Navy SEAL, Eric Greitens.  Mr. Greitens is an amazingly accomplished, yet very humble man.  He worked with nuns in Mother Teresa’s homes in India as well as aid workers and volunteers in Rwanda, Bolivia and Bosnia.  He fought beside marines and fellow Navy SEALS in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Throughout his journeys he discovered this world requires both compassion and strength; it requires service and leadership. The paradox here is that we need both.  Mr. Greitens’ message, and his life, spent as a true servant-leader, deeply resonated with me and reinforced why I love working for SEI.

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Strategic Planning for Healthcare IT: Part 2

By | Healthcare IT, IT Implementation, Strategy

In the first part of this Strategic Planning for Healthcare IT series I focused on defining a framework and assessing the current state of a healthcare organization’s IT portfolio.  In the second part I will describe the definition of the desired future state, address the identification of gaps between current state and future state, and discuss the definition of the organization’s strategic plan – i.e., roadmap.

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Zen and the Art of Data Quality

By | Business Intelligence, Data

A few years ago I picked up a book called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. A friend had recommended it to me with very few details other than, “You would like it.” What I found was not a manual about keeping your cool while tackling tricky motorcycle problems, but a treatise on quality. The author, Robert Pirsig, wove a beautiful tale of a man driven mad attempting to understand “Quality” and his cross country motorcycle road trip towards reconciliation. My friend was right, and I started thinking about how quality impacted everything. How we evaluate things and make decisions is all built on the foundation of Quality.

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Storytelling with Data

By | Business Intelligence, Communication, Data

Data provides us with powerful opportunities to tell a story. With the advances in data visualization tools over the recent years, the possibilities are truly endless. However, with the vast quantities of data at our immediate disposal, storytelling with data has become more difficult as authors try to do too much or lose focus on their original intent.

Over the years, I have created countless reports for dozens of clients. In some cases the data was limited and straight-forward, while other times it was large and extremely complex. In either case, it was my job to tell a story with the data at hand through education and engagement. What’s helped me tell these stories is following the guiding principles below:

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