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August 2015

Strategic Planning for Healthcare IT: Part 1

By | Healthcare IT, IT Implementation, Strategy

Strategic planning efforts are challenging, especially in Healthcare IT, given the continuously changing environment.  Because of this, it is all too common for organizations to forgo a strategic planning exercise, maintain (or reduce) current budget levels year over year, and struggle to keep up with the next high priority request.  A significant challenge with this approach is that every request is a high priority and there are limited hours, resources, and dollars available to meet those requests.  All too often, stakeholders become discouraged and only focus on the fact that their high priority request is not getting done.

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Working Solo, Not Alone

By | Collaboration, Community, Culture

We are often asked in interviews how big our project teams are and the truth is, they come in all sizes. I spent the first two years with SEI-Atlanta working on a project with at least two other consultants.  I loved seeing my co-workers every day and leveraging their experience and talents to broaden my own skillset as well as to take advantage of every opportunity to do the same for them.

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