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March 2015

Why Big Data Needs Change Management

By | Business Intelligence, Change Management, Data

The combination of Big Data technologies and a smart approach to analytics can provide organizations with improved customer insights and a move toward data-driven decision making.  However, the keys to successful development of new capabilities include  both process champions and change agents to facilitate a smooth transition. Effective Change Management and Change Leadership are integral components of capturing the benefits of Big Data.

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SEI Volunteering – A Family Affair

By | Collaboration, Community, Culture

It was a misty October morning when my son’s shovel suddenly hit a huge rock. “Just dig a little farther out son. Don’t let temporary obstacles get in your way… It’s just like life, you gotta keep digging!” Everyone laughed at my poor attempt of humor, but the point was made. The group, a collection of SEI consultants along with friends and family, were volunteering for a Trees Atlanta event. As part of the yearly planting program, Trees Atlanta volunteers grab their shovels and plant thousands of trees in dozens of Atlanta neighborhoods. As with most professions, consultants spend a lot of time working together, but volunteer events like Trees Atlanta provided an outlet for a deeper level of solidarity and friendship.

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Successful Communication – It’s Your Responsibility!

By | Communication, Leadership, Project Management

In the Professional Services industry, good communication is an imperative. We take this as an axiom: being able to communicate with your client at all levels of their organization is fundamental to being an effective consultant. Unsurprisingly, much has been written on the mechanics of good communication; know your message, banish buzzwords, keep it tight, etc. Given the trend towards faster, efficient and casual mediums of communication (texting, Twitter, etc.), such pointers on what to do and what not to do in the business world are useful guides and reminders.

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