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December 2014

SEI ATL Comes Out in Force to Support One of Their Own

By | Community, Culture

On November 1, Camp Horizon, an Atlanta area organization that supports abused and neglected kids in the foster care system, hosted their 3rd annual wine tasting and silent auction at the City Club of Buckhead.  I have had the privilege of holding a seat on this organization’s board of directors for the last several years.  As with any non-profit, fundraising is vital and SEI’s dedication to supporting its consultants and community resulted in a fun, meaningful, and successful event.

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Servant Leadership Everywhere

By | Community, Leadership

Prior to entering private industry, I had the honor of serving as a leader in our nation’s armed forces.  During my first ever training exercise, I was taught an unforgettable and enduring lesson about life and business.  After a long day of intense training, I was starving and took place in the front of the line as dinner became available for the unit.  Within seconds, my commander pulled me out of line and asked me to “take a walk with him.” Once we were out of listening distance, he communicated to me that in his unit, “leaders eat last.”  The commander continued that my role was to serve my team and to ensure that my team members had every available resource to ensure their success.  “Sometimes, that’s going to take a lot of personal sacrifice,” he stated.  “But your team’s needs must always be your highest priority.  Without them, you’re not going to achieve much.”

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Championing the Analytics Revolution in Your Organization – Part Two

By | Business Intelligence, Data

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the first step in establishing an analytics capability within your organization – building a team with the appropriate skillset and effective leadership to provide a solid analytical foundation.    The next steps involve identifying opportunities where this team would be most effective and ensuring processes are in place to extract and communicate analytical value.  We suggest applying a concept that drives our approach to client engagements: identify and act on “Why” the organization is trying to solve the problem.

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