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November 2014

Generosity At Its Best

By | Collaboration, Community, Culture

Volunteering, charity work, and giving back to the community, whether by social need or personal drive, are activities that we, as individuals, often participate in.  As individuals the effort may be appreciated and valued, but our true scope of impact may be limited.  True of any effort, the support of a team allows us to be more effective and, in this particular case, make the effort more meaningful.

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ATL: EPIC Growth

By | Collaboration, Community, Consultancy, Culture, Ownership

The SEI Atlanta office has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. True to the SEI model, the growth has not been concentrated to a single area, but has been evenly distributed across the project engagement, recruiting, and collaborative aspects of our business. This expansion has brought with it a new challenge: maintaining the culture that was integral in achieving the aforementioned growth. In the face of substantial quarter over quarter growth, SEI-ATL has strived to stay true to the EPIC model in order to preserve its culture and high recruiting standards.

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Championing the Analytics Revolution in Your Organization – Part One

By | Business Intelligence, Change Management, Data, Leadership

The concepts of Business Analytics, Visual Analytics, and Predictive Analytics may be familiar to you and are most likely embedded in your current organizational capabilities today.  However, the capacity to collect, consume, and analyze tremendous volumes of data is a capability many organizations struggle with.  The integration of technology into all operational aspects of a business enables the collection of data at a much more granular level than previously imagined.  The management of this data becomes even more unwieldy once you begin to introduce the unbelievably large amounts of data from the world of social media.  In the face of this deluge of data, two questions your organization has probably asked are: “What should we do with all of this data?” and “How can we turn this data into a competitive advantage for our organization?”

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