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October 2014

Big Firm or Boutique?

By | Collaboration, Consultancy, Culture, Leadership, Ownership

An explosion in the “Boutique” consulting industry, being defined by either the size of the organization or by a specialization in verticals, technologies, or processes, started in the early 2000’s and then accelerated even more during the recession of 2008.  Demand for specialized service offerings, regulatory & market pressures, and changing client expectations are just some of the drivers that resulted in many new professional services accepting that label.

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Making the Leap to Agile BI\DW

By | Agile, Business Intelligence, Project Management

In our first post of this series, we discussed how to identify opportunities where Agile can be used in BI\DW enterprise initiatives and how to begin planning for implementation.  So you have an eager agile team, prioritized business functionality, a system design, an invested business owner, and a desire to make each iteration better than the last.  Smooth sailing from here on out, right?  Unfortunately, that isn’t usually case.  Every project, including BI/DW projects, will have pitfalls and challenges.  However, you can avoid these pitfalls and gracefully face these challenges with some lessons learned and best practices derived from the experience of teams who have successfully made the leap to agile BI/DW.

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NYC: From Startup to Success by Conquering Challenges

By | Collaboration, Company News, Culture, Leadership, Ownership

In December 2012, our leadership team was sitting in a conference room in Cincinnati discussing sourcing strategies, recruiting challenges, and growth strategies when we decided that we were going to take on the New York market.

We’re now about a year and a half into the endeavor and one of the most frequent questions I get in our interview process is the difference between a more mature SEI office and a startup office.  Essentially, what are some of the unique challenges that an SEI startup faces?  And what has our experience been at taking on those challenges?

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