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July 2014

Providing Guidance Without a Title

By | Collaboration, Culture, Leadership

It seems like every week a new article permeates Linked In or Facebook touting the importance of mentors in business. Most agree that it’s a good idea, but a common concern in thinking through how to benefit from this concept, is “How do I even begin to… ask someone to be my mentor?” And it can be a little awkward, especially if you aren’t prepared to be specific about what this relationship would entail. How often would you meet? What types of things will you discuss? Is there any way you can help your mentor? Common tips include: Be teachable, find common ground and interests, get on their calendar, be flexible in expectations, and open lines of communication. But what if no one comes to mind? And what role, if any, should the company you work for play in fostering these relationships?

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8 Tips to turn Data into Meaningful Metrics

By | Data

Over my career, I’ve learned to become a raving fan of good data.  Through trial and error attempts, going as deep as into the databases themselves, I’ve seen how having good data can support making better informed business decisions. Despite all of this, I’ve also seen instances where the metrics that came from this good data were not as effective and meaningful as they could have been.

Based on this, here are some guidelines I’ve learned along the way that can help to ensure your metrics are more effective and meaningful to your stakeholders:

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