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June 2014

Beyond Transparency

By | Collaboration, Culture

When looking for meaning behind a process or decision, how often have you heard: “That’s just always the way we’ve done it” and have the conversation end right there?  After hearing this, you’ll probably go through the following stages of “Business as Usual”: anger at the easy response, confusion as you try to probe for a more meaningful answer, and finally acceptance when you decide that no one really knows why a particular action or process is done.  This vagueness and complacency around even the most frequent or critical actions was something I’d come to accept as a norm in almost every organization.  That is until I was introduced to SEI.

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Demand Management Part 2: Turning Concept into Practice

By | Demand Management, IT Implementation

In last month’s Demand Management Blog Part 1, we discussed the importance of maximizing a company’s most important resource, its workforce.  Now that we have your attention, let’s explore how SEI can help you to turn demand and capacity planning into an organizational practice.

As with implementing any new process, a robust discovery phase should take place to help you understand key factors and metrics.  When it comes to Demand Management, there are several questions that should be asked during discovery:  Who are the key stakeholders and capacity owners?  How does this team currently manage demand?  How does management feel about the current project intake process and what are the initial areas of concern? 

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