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February 2014

Wisdom from a Veteran Consultant

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I saw an ad in the Sunday Boston Globe (that was how you found jobs back then) for “Bored Accountants”. Well, I was an accountant and I was definitely bored so I figured I was qualified. That was over 30 years ago, and I have never looked back.  Here are a few lessons I learned the hard way.

When I began my career, the rules of software development were still being formulated and developing software was considered an engineering task, but a structured development process was needed.  I believed developing software was more of a creative process.  I would sketch out what I wanted the software to do and then develop the key components to create the “golden thread” to see how the components would work together.

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Data is a Beautiful Thing

By | Business Intelligence, Communication, Data

Each morning when we wake, we open our eyes.  At first blurred, everything may appear a little fuzzy, but quickly our eyes begin to orient us to our surroundings. Shapes and colors begin to come into focus and, while we still may not see the entire picture, our brain begins to fill in the missing pieces – creating shapes and jogging memories that help piece together that entire picture.

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A Valentine’s Day Perspective on Consulting

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I spent a good part of my career in management consulting.  I have been one of the first employees at a start-up consulting firm, and one of 50,000+ consultants at a Big 5 firm.  I pulled 80 plus- hour weeks on a regular basis, and I traveled all over the country to client sites on a weekly basis (and trust me I wasn’t going anywhere fun or easily accessible).  When you call a cab for a ride to the airport, and a farmer dressed in dirty overalls and a straw hat picks you up in his pickup truck – you know you are in the Land of Oz.  Even so I continued with my road warrior lifestyle for almost 10 years…that is until I couldn’t do it anymore.  When I started to become best friends with the TSA agents at the airport and the concierge at the hotel, I knew it was time to get out and get a life – a REAL life.

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Why Consulting?

By | Consultancy, Culture, Strategy

At a recent party, a neighbor asked me what I do for a living.  I gave a fairly stock answer that I solve clients problems as a software developer, architect and tech lead.  My neighbor pressed further, asking why I chose consulting.  This got me thinking about my career and why I’ve chosen the path I’m on.

I spent the first 9 years of my career as a full time employee of a large provider of outsourced call center services.  During my tenure I changed projects several times, working in all aspects of the company.  I had the opportunity to work on a back office engineering app used by large telecom companies, billing and customer care apps for media providers, and even R&D on speech recognition tools for the call center, all without changing the logo on my paystub.

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