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January 2014

Change Management: Factors to Consider When Undertaking that Big Project

By | Change Management, Leadership, Strategy

When a long-term improvement project or overhaul is needed that will inevitably impact a company’s operations, how do managers decide whether to shut down completely to expedite the change, or to maintain some level of operations in hopes of appeasing the apple cart?

Beyond careful scrutiny of the execution plan and the financial impact of the project itself, what other factors should come into play as companies attempt to accurately assess the risks and benefits of a particular course of action?

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Changes in the Health & Human Services IT Landscape

By | Healthcare IT, IT Implementation

Love it or hate it, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is having a profound impact on the U.S. healthcare system.  Of particular interest to me is the impact it is having on the IT landscape of the systems, agencies and governments that are responsible for providing the U.S. with healthcare services.

All U.S. states are mandated to provide both health and human services to their residents.  Health services are dominated by Medicaid and Medicare, human services by such benefits as nutritional, cash and living assistance.  Some of the existing systems in operation to manage the determination and disbursement of these benefits are over thirty years old.   Built before the concept of a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), without the benefit of enterprise level integration services and in some cases with only minimal technical maintenance support, these systems desperately need to be replaced.

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