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November 2013

PMO Series Part 4: Agile in Your PMO?

By | Agile, Project Management

Your PMO is established with mature and proven processes allowing your Project Managers to successfully deliver a wide range of projects across the organization. You may have taken your PMO to the next level by establishing a Program Management Office or a Portfolio Management Office reaping the benefits of centralized reporting, delivery and resource allocation, just to name a few.

Chances are, your organization’s projects follow a traditional waterfall method for software delivery, and your PMO has established tollgates that must be adhered to with appropriate documentation and approvals to move projects forward from each phase.

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Josh Cares & Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Partner to Raise Additional $1M

By | Collaboration, Community, Company News

November 2013 marked a major milestone for Josh Cares.  On November 6th, 2013, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Josh Cares celebrated eight years of providing support to some of the hospital’s most critically ill children through volunteerism and over $1 million in cumulative donations from Josh Cares to the hospital.  In addition, Josh Cares committed to raise an additional $1 million to further this important mission – this time to be accomplished within four years!  This was announced at a special gathering held at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) campus with Josh Cares leaders and senior hospital staff members.

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No Politics, Please

By | Collaboration, Communication, Culture

In a recent interview, a candidate from a large consulting firm and I were discussing how to navigate politics at the client. We agreed successfully plotting the course is a critical part of doing the job of a consultant. Our worlds diverged as we started talking about the lack of politics at SEI, and the candidate was visibly relieved and stated, “It must be nice to not have to worry about handling politics in two places”. This made me reflect on how a company can keep their employees focused on value added actions leading to behaviors that produce positive results.

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