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October 2013

PMO Series Part 2: We’re Up & Running-Now What?

By | Change Management, Collaboration, Project Management

So your organization has established a PMO – Congratulations!  Hopefully you have some wins that are visible to the organization whether you have been able to provide project standards, greater visibility to projects or optimizing the use of resources. Now it may be time to assess where you are in achieving the PMO’s vision.

Looking at your current achievements against where the PMO aspires to be will help you develop a gap analysis of things to improve or execute next. You can begin with a lessons learned on those functions that have been implemented. What has gone well/is liked since inception by the stakeholders?  Do any of the processes seem forced and have been slow to adopt?  Let’s walk through a few questions to ask:

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Employee Ownership – The Motivations For Being Truly “Bought In”

By | Collaboration, Culture, Ownership

One of the key components of the SEI business model is the culture of employee ownership. As consultants become employee owners, it creates accountability and commitment to the business as well as motivates each and every one of us to dedicate efforts toward our local offices with a focus on delivering high quality results and maintaining sustainable growth – after all we collectively own it.

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Community Involvement

By | Collaboration, Community, Culture

Coming from a large consulting firm where I was on the road every week, I missed a lot of opportunities to be involved in the Cincinnati community and I longed to work for a company that not only helped build the city through business, but also through community service and outreach.

SEI currently has six locations and each office has found unique and meaningful ways to impact the local community.  Just as with the business model of a flat organization and true ownership by each consultant in business decisions, the same model applies to the community involvement. The events that SEI chooses to support are passions of individual consultants or groups in each office and SEI leadership offers the support needed to make those happen.

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Data Science

By | Business Intelligence, Data, Technical

Rising out of the Big Data movement and dubbed the “Sexiest Job in the Next Decade”, Data Scientists are in hot demand.  New online courses and university programs are popping up to remedy the looming skills shortage.  Big Data conferences are filled with professionals wanting to discover the magical path to the next golden professional.  Akin to Big Data, the purpose of Data Science is not well understood.

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PMO Series Part I: First Steps in Establishing a PMO

By | Change Management, Collaboration, Project Management

After forwarding SEI’s article of “The Project Management Office (PMO): A Proven Method for Increasing Project Success” to my network, I was asked what it would take to establish a PMO. I sent a request to my fellow SEIers. The collective value of the responses that I received within minutes was amazing. SEI has extensive experience establishing PMOs from the ground up, leading PMOs, and improving processes within PMOs.

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