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September 2013

The Importance of Writing in Business

By | Collaboration, Communication

Are you unsure about when to use “your” vs. “you’re”? How about “affect” vs. “effect”?

The unfortunate reality is that we’re often judged by our words and in an increasingly global society, those words are often read, not just heard.  And from a professional standpoint, your writing reflects your company and your personal brand.  Good writing facilitates responses and inspires confidence.  Every business is dependent upon the written word to woo customers and win sales. However, the majority of business owners, employees and entrepreneurs have very little writing experience.

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Data: Turning a Liability into an Asset

By | Data, Technical

Today the word “Data” is used in everyday jargon within businesses of all sizes. With the emergence of social media, applications over the internet and telecommunications, the world is generating unprecedented amounts of data. This is in addition to the ever increasing volume of internal data our organizations are generating. Everyone wants to get their hands on more data, with a feverish desire to enable better and better insights and answers to business questions.

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Consulting Magazine names SEI one of the best firms to work for

By | Company News

We are proud to announce SEI has been named one of the best firms for the third year in a row by Consulting Magazine, and congratulate all of our employees on a great achievement.  We claimed the #3 spot in the Small Firms category, with specific recognition in the areas of culture and leadership.  We invite you to read the article and learn more about who we are as a company.  If you like what you see, and are interested in learning more about a career at SEI, we encourage you to contact one of our local offices to schedule an introductory call with one of our consultants.

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Leadership Threads Woven through the Fabric of SEI

By | Collaboration, Company News, Culture, Leadership

Stoic Greek philosopher Epictetus is quoted as saying ‘We were born with two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we talk.’ Or, was it Mark Twain centuries later? It doesn’t really matter who said it; what I tend to notice more are the people who actually put it into practice. A relative SEI-newbie, I noticed active listening and open communication consistently practiced by our leadership. Intrigued by this, I started wondering what other key leadership dogma helps keep our unique, employee-owned consulting company thriving in good times and bad. I began digging into the SEI newsletter archives to see what other leadership themes I could glean – and I found three that were woven throughout our ‘Boss Talks/Listens’ columns:

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