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July 2013

Work / Life Balance for Adults

By | Culture

Establishing a quality work / life balance is something we’re all after and something many companies promise. But, do all companies deliver on this promise? Is it really the responsibility of the company to deliver on this promise? Or is it really up to the individual? Or both?

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The Middle Road to Big Data

By | Data, IT Implementation, Technical

Big Data is polarizing. The concept can elicit both overzealous enthusiasm and pointed disdain depending on the audience. Recent trends in the technology press show a strong backlash to counter the hype over the last few years. As with most developing trends, both camps have valid points but the practical approach lies somewhere in the middle.

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Growth Through Employee Ownership

By | Culture, Ownership

Most newcomers to SEI sense a real uniqueness here. They suddenly don’t feel the competition present in most company cultures. Sometimes it takes a while for them to drop their guard and feel the camaraderie here, camaraderie not present in many other places. They feel like we’re all working toward a common goal. Why is that?

On a regular basis, all of the SEI consultants within an LOC get together for a staff meeting. It’s a fun gathering where we get the opportunity to see one another and to discuss what is going on at each account, our recruiting pipeline, and the sales pipeline. In addition to the regular things that might go on at a staff meeting, once a quarter, we review our numbers. What numbers would a private company want to share with its employees?

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Agile Series Part III: Agility with Distributed Teams

By | Collaboration, IT Implementation, Project Management

Your organization has successfully delivered projects using Agile Methodology with your collocated teams. Collaborative work areas were created, teams moved in, they self-organized, worked with testers, and delivered quality software that added value more frequently than ever before. The product owners have seen increased customer satisfaction. The experience has been very positive. Excitement is growing! Now is the time to expand to other teams.

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