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March 2013

Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple

By | Company News, Culture

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our SEI–New York office in the coming months!  We’ve started to lay the groundwork and are excited about the prospects for our newest branch.  Based on initial discussions with candidates, it’s clear that our local delivery model will resonate with talented professionals who want to pursue a challenging consulting career without the road warrior lifestyle.  For those people, SEI-New York presents a ground floor opportunity with the excitement of a start-up and the financial backing of a successful consulting firm with 20 years of experience in Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Phoenix.  It provides consultants with the opportunity to lead exciting client engagements while helping to build a business and define its success while giving client prospects a local partner who has the flexibility to support them without flying in resources from all over the country.

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Collective Value: A First Hand Perspective

By | Collaboration

SEI provides problem solvers. The SEI approach to assigning our consultants to client projects is unique.  Unlike many other consulting firms, we don’t align our service offerings by functions (e.g. Financial Management, Human Resources, Information Systems) or Vertical (e.g. Banking, Healthcare, Capital Markets, Retail).  We staff problem solvers that are specialists in delivery and project execution.  These consultants can add value to our client’s most critical initiatives, regardless of technology, function, or industry; and we do it without excessive ramp up durations or by staffing junior consultants that are ‘learning on the job’.

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At SEI, Family Matters

By | Culture

Work/Life balance.  Described more descriptively – an appreciation for employee’s family and ensuring family is truly valued and that it isn’t just part of a fancy marketing campaign to attract top talent.  As companies compete in the ‘war for talent’, it’s a big differentiator between a good job to have and a great company to work for.  As women we are conditioned to believe that once we become mothers our career options are more limited and narrow.  I have always found this ironic, as the skills I’ve used to be a mom have made me a far better project manager than I would have been otherwise.  My acumen around time management, organization, influencing difficult stakeholders, and being efficient was improved exponentially by taking on the very role that made me feel somehow less employable.

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To Lean or Not To Lean

By | Business Process Optimization, Change Management, Collaboration

An SEI client recently asked for advice on how to best improve their global recruitment process.

As his trusted advisor, I suggested this opportunity was clearly “ripe” for a Lean process improvement project. All we would need to do is get the right people together in a room and – utilizing key Lean tools – perform a focused effort on improving the process. I also expressed my passion (as well as SEI’s) for Lean and my desire to drive the execution of the project. We met to better define and scope out the specific business opportunity and pain points the Talent Acquisition team was experiencing – what were the issues, where are the inefficiencies, who are the stakeholders, and how long does process take from start to finish?

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