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February 2013

3 Steps to Unleash Collaboration

By | Collaboration

Collaboration [kuh-lab-uh-rey-shuhn]

The act of working with another or others on a joint project
Something created by working jointly with another or others
A buzzword used by nearly every consulting firm worldwide
Okay, I made the third one up.  But it’s true.  Many consulting firms tout tremendous reach-back potential and a unique ability to collaborate amongst their consulting brethren to help solve client problems. While this sounds great on paper, most of these firms struggle and ultimately fail when attempting to practice this in real life.

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The Gauntlet – An Experience All In Itself

By | Culture, Interview Process

During my first conversation with the Managing Director, I was told two things:

All of this will seem too good to be true, and because it actually is, this will be the last job you ever have
If you make it through the gauntlet, there will be no doubt that we want you and you want us.
The Gauntlet

My first reaction was: What the heck is the “gauntlet”?  How can it be any more effective or different than other interviews that I have been through?  I would soon find out.

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The SEI Blog: A Focus on Candidate Engagement

By | Culture

Welcome to the inaugural post on the SEI blog!

Over the past two years SEI has made some significant strides in brand awareness through some targeted initiatives fueled by the leadership and hard work of our consultants.

Brand awareness isn’t in itself a novel concept, but SEI’s approach is certainly unique: Our brand efforts focus almost entirely on showcasing SEI’s value proposition to our target candidates, not to our target clients.

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