Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

By October 26, 2010Success Stories

Business Opportunity

In the wake of a significant acquisition, a large national bank found themselves with a variety of disparate reporting tools in use across their expanded enterprise.

SEI Approach

SEI spearheaded an effort to reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify their offerings while still meeting the needs of some 1,500 users across multiple platforms. A critical component of this effort involved defining and collaborating with three distinct user groups to develop the reporting solution.

Results Achieved

Ultimately, a suite of reporting and analytical tools from SAS was chosen and a collaborative forum was implemented to encourage the sharing of user experiences and best practices.

This engagement achieved the following key objectives:

  • Reduced the total cost of ownership for reporting tools across the enterprise
  • Standardized toolsets to ease operational support and reduce learning curve for new users
  • Provided expanded reporting functionality beyond that of the legacy systems
  • Leveraged mindshare by encouraging collaboration among the user community
  • Provided a scalable solution capable of supporting growth well into the future

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