Aircraft Engine Data Warehousing and Reporting

By October 26, 2010Success Stories

Business Opportunity

SEI was tasked with developing a comprehensive business intelligence solution for a large jet engine manufacturer. The client required a solution that would improve the access, quality, and timeliness of maintenance data being collected and analyzed across the entire fleet of engines for a branch of the U.S. military.

SEI Approach

SEI consultants developed an Oracle data warehouse and ETL architecture to acquire daily maintenance event data from operational sites and combine this with the most recent engine configuration data. A web-based application was created to provide analysts the ability to make corrections and add intelligence before releasing the event data to be published. Reports were built using Cognos ReportNet and made available to the client and military representatives via a secure internet portal.

Results Achieved

This engagement achieved the following key objectives:

  • Improved the timeliness and accuracy of the maintenance data being collected
  • Provided a single repository for maintenance, reliability, and configuration data for the engine fleet
  • Improved access to current maintenance and reliability reports
  • Provided the ability to analyze historical trends and better predict future reliability and failure rates
  • Lowered the cost of maintenance scheduling and repairs by improving data quality and providing a method for analysts to preview maintenance events
  • Provided a scalable solution to support additional military engine programs in the future

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