Interview Process

The SEI interview process is a two-way street where we emphasize mutual fit.  Overall, candidates describe the interview process as "unique", "candid", "thorough" and "fun".

At the end of the day, our employee base wants SEI to be the "last job you ever take" – a mantra our CEO and Founder, Dan, coined and leads the charge on.

Of course, we are not asking you to take our word for it - we embrace the opportunity to meet with you, let the conversation build on itself and take the best, most natural path. Our desired outcome is for you to understand multiple perspectives from your local office. This will provide the opportunity to get to know our culture, goals, and collective experience, as well as how we approach our business, clients and community. Likewise, your local Managing Director and several consultants will get to know your background, experience, leadership ability, creativity, and personality.

Our Interview Process is our collective opportunity to make an open, informed mutual-fit decision.

What Our Consultants Are Saying About the "SEI Interview Process":

Tiffany Hagaman


"My family and I joked that I'd meet everyone in the company before I was hired, but I thought that was great -- when I came out of the interview process, I knew so much more about SEI than any of the other companies that I interviewed with."
Tiffany Hagaman Tiffany Hagaman - LinkedIn



Perry Lucas


"After seven interviews, you get to know who you're dealing with (on both sides) much better than the traditional interview process. I appreciated the approach after it was done because it removed a lot of the question marks that usually are still present at the time an offer is made."
Perry Lucas Perry Lucas - LinkedIn



Colleen Tedford


"It was evident from my conversations that the company values and respects its consultants, and that the people are an integral part to the success of the company. It was evident that every consultant embraced the business model and culture, and that they were truly dedicated to SEI and its values."
Colleen Tedford Colleen Tedford - LinkedIn



Advice from Our Consultants:

Mike O'Connor


"Properly prepare to articulate your life story, your career story and what separates you from 99% of your peers."
Mike O’Connor Mike O’Connor - LinkedIn




Dave Grosso


"Ask yourself what is more important - The name/size of your firm or if you are able to achieve your career goals, attain your desired work life balance, and be surrounded by a team of employee-owners working together towards those same goals?"
David Grosso David Grosso - LinkedIn



Becki Courter


"Take advantage of the SEI Interview Process. This is your opportunity to make sure that SEI is the right fit for you. You get to speak with all different levels of consultants, and you can really gain a good feel for how you will best fit in."
Becki Courter Becki Courter - LinkedIn