EPIC Model


We possess a set of core values that energizes our people and unleashes their intellectual capital. The careful alignment of culture, strategies, and people allows us to deliver unique value to our clients. Employee ownership in our company fosters a commitment to quality. When you engage a consultant from SEI, you are engaging a stakeholder with a long-term vested interest in the partnership between our two companies. We offer our employees more than a job. We offer them a sense of community, security, and mutual trust and respect. With these needs met, our consultants are free to focus their talents on the needs of our clients. Our EPIC model (Excellence, Participation, Integrity, Collaboration) serves as the basis of our operations and permeates all areas of our business.

Excellence - beginning with our hiring practices, we pursue excellence in all areas that are critical to delivering outstanding value to our clients.

Participation - our business model is founded on empowering the heart and soul of our business - our consultants. The participation of our staff in the ownership and management of the company creates commitment to our shared future and ultimately results in the success of our clients.

Integrity - we maintain the highest moral standards of honesty, ethics, and integrity with respect to clients, team members, and the communities where we live and work.

Collaboration - commitment to collaborative relationships and knowledge sharing increases productivity, quality, and innovation in all our endeavors. Although our consultants are at many different local operating companies and client sites, they carry with them a solid foundation built on best practices and collaboration that ensures continuous innovation and reusability.