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Who’s your “who”?

By | Collaboration, Culture

Recently, my wife and I discussed a question her manager had posed to all his direct reports: “Who’s your ‘who’?” In other words, “Who’s that person or people that comes to mind when you ask yourself ‘Why do I do this?'” In our conversation, both mine and my wife’s answer were simultaneous, unanimous, and I imagine common for many individuals: it was each other and our children.

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Collaboration in Action: An SEI Standard

By | Business Intelligence, Collaboration, Success Stories

Problem-solving through collaboration is powerful and works especially well when you have the right tools and channels to make it happen. I was recently reminded of just how powerful collaboration at SEI can be when our team was confronted with a complicated problem. A few months ago, an SEI client in Boston approached one of my colleagues to help overhaul a struggling Business Intelligence (BI) program in order to more effectively manage their data. This is not uncommon, as data volume, variety and variability can make data management seem truly daunting.

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CIN: Where It All Began

By | Collaboration, Community, Culture

When I joined SEI almost 10 years ago, I immediately found a home and became part of a family. SEI was founded in Cincinnati by Dan Pierce nearly 25 years ago and each new hire has grown the SEI family. Like myself, there are numerous others with 10+ years of tenure. Today, our Cincinnati office boasts 65 team members and is still growing.

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Aligning Product Vision Using Rapid Prototyping and UX

By | Agile, Requirements Definition, Strategy

Nearly every organization is faced with a common problem: getting key stakeholders to agree to and deliver a solution that achieves shared business goals. Why is there a constant disconnect between stakeholders? Often, it comes down to communication. Different stakeholders come from different backgrounds, have different measurements of success, and communicate differently. Therefore, stakeholders regularly approach a project from various angles, making it very difficult to define the project vision, tactical objectives and subsequent requirements. This process can be frustrating and can lead to either IT or the business taking control to move the project forward.

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